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 At St Michael's Primary School, our young historians will gain a deep, well-rounded and chronologically coherent understanding of local, national and internationally significant periods, events, people and historical aspects.  Our children will leave us feeling inspired and curious to find out even more about how our world has been shaped by historical events. We will support our children to do this by building awareness of both their own heritage and that of the wider world, and by equipping them with the essential historical skills that can be used and applied across all domains of history in future learning. 

We will deliver an ambitious, motivating and knowledge-rich curriculum that:

Gives children a deep chronological understanding of the UK and Oxford, including its interactions with the wider world

Exposes children to significant ancient civilisations, empires and non-European societies and significant individuals from that period in history.

Draws connections between different aspects of local, regional, national and international history

Develops a wide and deep historical vocabulary

 • Uses and applies important concepts and skills such as cause and effect, similarity and difference, chronology and interpretation of different historical sources

Allows children to understand methods of historical enquiry and develop critical thinking

Our children’s historical skills are developed by recognising connections, chronology, contrasts and trends over time, using historical terms including enquiry-based discussions, analysing causes and historical significance.  The history progression map details the careful long-term curriculum sequencing of these essential historical skills and concepts over time.

History Long Term Plan