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Forest School

In 2015, Steventon Parish Council generously granted the school permission to create a Forest School within the Steventon Copse, where the children could play, learn and grow.


 Steventon Copse is a beautiful place.


Forest School in the Autumn with a carpet of golden leaves and covered in a blanket of snow!

Forest School is Fun! 

We love learning and playing outdoors.

Forest School is a specialised learning approach that offers all learners regular opportunities to gain confidence and self-esteem through hands-on experiences in an outdoor setting. 

Forest School is good for us!

We love trying new things and feeling good about ourselves and our world.

As well as having fun, we learn to be creative, active learners. We do things that help us to respect and understand our natural world. We learn how to look after of ourselves, each other and the environment. 

St. Michael's Forest School Summer Term News:

Memorial Garden and Quiet Art Space:

In addition to the Forest School site that is on the top field, adjacent to the football pitch, there is a new quiet space being developed. This area has been developed specifically for children to have quiet place to sit and read or create art. Although this is not part of Forest School, it is an outdoor space for the children to enjoy. Once completed, all the children will have access to art supplies, benches and the lovely raised beds which have been planted full of herbaceous perennials, herbs and berries.   

The space has been more than two years in the making and has been funded by a donation to memorialise a former St. Michael's parent and School Association (SSA) Champion who passed away ten years ago. She was a great advocate for outdoor learning and was key in building our outdoor classroom during her time as the Chair of the SSA.