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Art and Design

At St Michael's our vision for Art is to create a stimulating and attractive curriculum that is accessible for all. We want children to develop a good understanding of artists and their role in history; we want to inspire and encourage children to express themselves and explore their natural creativity through different media.

Our curriculum is designed to equip pupils with a range of artistic skills and contextual knowledge which will enable them to create their own original works of art inspired by successful artists and well-known works of art as well as emerging local artists and creative practitioners. Our curriculum is tailored to be inclusive for all children allowing everyone to have some exposure to how art makes us feel and how different techniques create different outcomes.

Core skills have been built into our curriculum such as drawing, painting, printing, mixed media and 3D form. When leaving St Michael's Primary School children will have a strong subject knowledge of artistic skills and will have a repertoire of artists from which to draw inspiration in their journey as artists.

Art Long Term Plan